We had so much fun having Andrea Hickey on our set! A great actress and a ray of sunshine and positive energy!

Yoram A.

Los Angeles, CA

"I've worked with Andrea Hickey on an couple of productions, and she has consistently proven herself to be one of the most valuable people involved. She treats every role as if it's the most important one she's ever gotten, and works to truly embody characters to deliver authentic, genuine, performances."

Avai D.

Tucson, AZ

"Andrea Hickey is on a roll! This girl is booking like crazy!"

Dani's Agency

Tempe, AZ

"Andrea nailed every part she read for, but I chose her as the lead because I needed a strong actress!"

Laurie F.

Chandler, AZ

"There are very few actresses I know who have that sparkle in their eye when they are performing. Andrea is one of them! She is absolutely magnetic when she meets people!"

Cat D.

Phoenix, AZ

"Andrea has the "It Factor" and you know it the second she walks in the room!"

Greg B.

Los Angeles, CA

"I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea in 2018 and quickly became a super fan! Within seconds of her audition, she won over the entire room, and we knew she was the one!"

Samara B.

Phoenix, AZ

"Andrea brought the energy to the set that was so desperately needed!"

Bret K.

Sedona, AZ

"Andrea did an incredible job! She was enthusiastic and ready to go at every second. We absolutely adore her. She is amazing!"

Senior Producer

Phoenix, AZ

"Andrea shines on camera, and the camera falls in love with her!"

Christopher B.

Phoenix, AZ

"We asked Andrea to do some improvisation, and she was so quick on her feet. She booked the job!"

Shanna W.

Phoenix, AZ

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"Andrea is what commitment and dedication look like!"

Margie H.

Los Angeles, CA

"As cliche as it sounds, Andrea really is the whole package. Not only will you not regret choosing to work with her, you will be better off for knowing her!"

Samara B.

Phoenix, AZ

"Andrea has the "It factor!" We were all so impressed with her, and she nailed her part without needing direction. I will be casting her again!"

Lee S.

Los Angeles, CA

"I love her! She was the first one who walked in and was able to tackle the difficult, technical dialogue!"

Pat L.

Los Angeles, CA

"We saved Andrea for last on our shoot because we knew she would get the job done!"

Ryan H.

Flagstaff, AZ

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